Archeda is the definition of the space finishing, as a touch of inimitable quality.
Klass with its simple and essential design and with the various combinations between colours and elements, receives any desire about little and big bathroom. New concepts as the various colours of the cement surfaces entrich a product that’s alreary able to amaze.

Future Vision

Klass is the future in the creation of conceptual and contemporary bathroom.

Surface rediscovery

Archeda presents Klass. Our ambition is give value to the totality of the spaces thanks to surfaces with unexpected tactile and visual suggestions created from the cement.

Stylish protagonist

The contemporary thought bring to plan the space on the strenght of use and relation between formal elements

Highest sobriety shapes

A choice of sober appearance, made of dry profiles and careful balances.

Taste and pleasure

The pleasure of a new bathroom-formula discovery; it needs style, experience and sensitivity.

Lines and colours

Bathroom is the place of relax; that’s why it must be comfortable, friendly, embracing. It grow out of the right combination of lines and colours.

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