Essenze Evolution


In its most minimalist form, design combines with a rigorous and familiar contemporary concept, creating refined and highly appealing lines that embellish any bathroom.
New Glam wood finishes are enhanced with accessories to provide a more functional bathroom.


Fashionable appeal with an elegant personality, and the option of combining shapes and colours with a highly versatile range for maximum planning.
 New open elements add distinct appeal to the collection and blend in with the living area.


Great simplicity and elegance, with a particularly harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, create spaces that meet the widest requirements.
Colour becomes an important detail, where lines and formal solutions are at their best.


Rediscover the tactile pleasure of surfaces in fine materials and the warm appeal of wood finishes: a new look is obtained with a brushed oak finish.
 Simplicity, modern style and naturalness for a contemporary solution that features carefully selected quality materials and finely crafted details.

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