Archeda imposes no restrictions on lines and shapes.
A new door is introduced to the lacquer and oak collections, adding striking appeal and variety to surfaces. It adds a personal touch to the bathroom, making it exclusive and offering solutions that provide much more than simple bathroom furniture.
A rounded shape for the front is its special feature.
Highly appealing contoured walls can be achieved with a creative layout.

«I want to express myself as a man, an artist manqué, to tell you what it has meant to me to examine the shapes of Chartres cathedral and Alvar Aalto and to redesign my house in Santa
Monica at the age of forty-nine, making holes in its walls to achieve my fundamental principle: refracted light on buildings».
Frank Gehry

«Projecting elements must contrast with recessed ones so that each convex element positioned in full light will be set against a concave one, or a shadow»
Antoni Gaudì

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